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Enjoy this Magical Sample of Michael Performing in the Close-Up Gallery at the World-Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

If you can dream it, Michael can make it a reality.  Every single performance is custom designed and scripted  specifically for your event.  At the end of the day, you will be the hero for creating a program that got rave reviews!  

Trade Show Marketing

Michael Kaminskas, partnered with your already efficient sales personnel, will create a knockout marketing team. A team that produces REAL business magic! The results: increased booth traffic, increased qualified leads, enhanced company identity, increased product awareness, and most importantly increased sales. 

"When I was first approached about having a magician at our event, I was skeptical.  But your personality and engagement with our clients made a huge impression, and numerous attendees have told me how much they enjoyed your performance.  Your ability to both impress and connect with our attendees  is what makes you such a favorite year-after-year.  Thank you!" - EZ Links Golf

Showbusiness...Enhancing your business


Some quick facts about trade shows!

Industry studies prove you have less than 5 seconds to grab the attention of prospects walking by your booth.

According to Exhibit Surveys, aside from a product demonstration, magicians lead the list in company and product identification.

  • 100 - 1000% ROI

  • Cost Effective and Budget Friendly

  • Requires just 4 square feet of your booth

  • No Booth Re-Designs Required

  • Your Product & Services are Remembered

  • Attract Crowds

  • Educate while Entertaining

  • Pre-Qualify Leads

  • Increase booth follow ups

  • Make your booth the Buzz of the show

Simply put, having Michael at your booth sets you apart from the crowd. 

YOUR COMPANY and YOUR MESSAGE become the star of the trade show floor!


A true keynote is a motivational speech that sets the overall tone and context for an event.  It is designed to put feeling and emotion into words so the audience is left energized and receptive to the event that is to follow.  Successfully done, a keynote requires an emphasis on the audience to motivate change.

 For this to happen, the speaker must genuinely connect with the attendees. Without a solid connection, it is impossible to inspire the attendees to take action. 

As someone who has lived a life literally creating the impossible, Michael's anecdotes are related to your message in an engaging, entertaining and informative manner creating a win-win situation.  Sure, the magic will be talked about but it's the message that will be remembered - - your message!

Combining world-class magic and  captivating storytelling, Michael Kaminskas will have your keynote or after dinner banquet attendees engaged, amazed and amused.  The attendees might have a whole seat, but they will only use the edge!

Group Presentations

Michael's comedy stage presentations are a perfect choice for conventions, banquets, company weekends/picnics, sales and promotional meetings, grand openings, customer appreciation events, cruise ships and after dining entertainment. This fast paced, energetic, and highly interactive sleight-of-hand stage presentation fits the bill for larger audiences.  


Your guests will be astounded as Michael reads audience members' thoughts and presents many more unexplainable acts. Throughout the performance, Michael calls upon numerous audience members to join him on stage and take part in the magic, adding to the already high excitement level.  Not tarnished by offensive or off-color material, Michael knows how to ENTERTAIN an audience.  He is a true showman with a lifetime of magical knowledge. It is this combination of award-winning magic and performance experience that have brought Michael both critical and popular acclaim.


Audiences of 5 or 5,000 ... Michael creates the perfect show for your event!


Interactive close-up miracles are those magical experiences that occur literally inches from the audience. Presented to individuals and small groups using common, everyday objects, this type of sophisticated sorcery frequently elicits the greatest reactions from onlookers as much of the magic happens in the hands of the guests!


Often referred to as "the most difficult form of the art", close-up magic will leave a positive lasting impression on any group. Used strictly as entertainment or when combined with your product message and used as a soft sales technique, Michael's polished presentations allow your guests to relax and enjoy themselves. 


An excellent stand-alone entertainment option for hospitality suites, cocktail receptions and other gatherings; many companies have enhanced their functions by combining it with keynote or after dinner presentations to create a powerful one-two punch.


An expert in the field of magic, Michael has authored several best selling books and lectures around the world teaching other professionals.  Contact Michael to see why other industry leaders turn to him when they look to improve their own performances.


Internationally recognized as one of the top sleight-of-hand magicians in the world today, Michael Kaminskas is a thinker, creator and innovator of magic who will make your event exceptional.  While his pedigree lists a host of who's who clients from political figures, celebrities and fortune five hundred companies - - his most important client is you!

Michael earned his Doctorate degree in Magic at 4F.  A prestigious invitation-only gathering of 200 of the best magicians on the planet.  He belongs to several magic organizations, including the Magic Circle in London, England where he was admitted with Silver Star.  While Michael has performed and lectured at venues large and small, being a regular headliner at The World-Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California remains a personal favorite.  

His magic has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, BET and FOX television networks and his one-man show, IMAGINE, was completely sold-out for its extended three year run.  It's no wonder that Michael is highly sought after in the corporate world for his marketing acumen.  With Michael, you get  a unique blend of motivator, speaker, humorist, salesman and sleight-of-hand artist. His corporate presentations combine all these elements allowing Michael to uniquely deliver YOUR MESSAGE and to make it stick.  For Michael, magic is not just an occupation; it's a way of life!

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Contact Michael today for your no obligation quote


A sampling of the thousands of satisfied clients worldwide


See how Michael can make your next event your BEST event!

LET'S GET THE BALL ROLLING!   410.703.9884


“I'm writing to thank you for doing such a great job entertaining members of our 25 year club.  Your strolling magic during our "happy hour" was very well received and I look forward to seeing more of your stunning magic in the future.”

- Biddle Instruments

"Your appearance at our trade show was very well received. Not only was your sleight-of-hand unbelievable, but your willingness to develop a custom presentation made our event a much larger success." 

- ACE Commercial Supply

“Absolutely astounding... A witty and humorous performance that pleased all that attended. Thanks, Michael for sharing your tremendous magical skills!" - Working Artists Forum

"You've managed to do it again. Just when I didn't think it possible to do any better, you come along and take our customer celebrations to the next level.   I will definitely be in touch to schedule future events." 

- Nordstrom

“You received rave reviews from everyone in attendance, and we got credit for being smart enough to have included you in the evening. You were a big hit! Again, many thanks for your talented performance.”

- Miles & Stockbridge

Make Your Next Event Unforgettable!  410.703.9884
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The MK Money Back Guarantee

Finding the right person for any job can be a daunting task.  With thousands of shows and over three decades of professional performing experience under his belt, Michael happily offers a 100% money back guarantee on his trade show and entertainment performances.  If you are not satisfied for any reason let Michael know, and if it can't be corrected by the end of the first day of the trade show, then it's on the house.  Likewise, if you are not 100% satisfied with his entertainment services, you don't pay for the show!  


Honestly, in 33 years as a professional entertainer no one has ever taken Michael up on this offer.  When you hire Michael, you are hiring a professional who stands behind his services 100%  - GUARANTEED!

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